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 Weapon Changes

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PostSubject: Weapon Changes   Fri May 08, 2015 8:41 pm

So if anyone's interested, here are all the changes to certain weapons.

Scout class:

Deals crit when it should minicrit, so all the hits on the back result in crits.

Now has the original PvP attributes instead of the faster reload speed.

Baby Face's Blaster:
Has a lower starting speed, but you go faster as long as you deal damage.
Fire rate and bullet spread increases when losing health, same like the Panic Attack.

Has a 15% faster firing speed and 10% damage increase.

Mad Milk/Mutated Milk:
40% recharge rate but 30% less health from healers.

Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol:
30% slower firing rate, but 20% more health from health kits and no fall damage.
But it only applies when the weapon is active (weapon is out).

Wrap Assassin:
Has an extra bauble.

Fan O' War:
5% of hale's rage is lost upon hit.
Gives you 2 health per second, but gives you 25% less primary ammo.

Soldier class:

Beggar's Bazooka:
50% extra primary ammo (hidden) and 10% extra reload speed.

Shotgun (all classes):
20% faster firing rate, 34% extra clip size (8 shells), no random crits and 25% less healrh from healers.

Reserve Shooter (both Soldier and Pyro):
25% faster weapon switch speed, 34 less clip size (4 shells) and minicrits airborn targets during 50 seconds.

Battalion's Backup:
50% less knockback (prevents Soldiers from flying away when hit) and 25% slower weapon switch speed.

50% more health from healers, 15% faster über build for the Medic(s) healing you, but 20% less primary ammo.
And ofcourse it reduces fall damage, this weapon is more orientated to Medic buddies.

Pyro class:

30% more flame distance, 100% afterburn damage; crits on back and 150% more airblast cost.

25% damage increase, 100% afterburn damage but 50% more airblast cost.

65% faster weapon switch speed, but 25% less afterburn and damage. But no extra airblast cost.

Flare Gun/Detonator:
Same, except 100% more afterburn damage. Planning on changing them.

Axtuingisher/Postal Pummeler:
0 dmg against non-burning enemies, +50% extra damage and 20% slower swing speed.

Demoman class:

Loch 'n Load:
Same, except only 2 pills in one clip and no reduced blast raédius.

25 extra health and 45% blast damage resistance. So more suited for stickyjumping.

Ali Baba's Wee Booties:
25 extra health, +25 charge recharge rate and +400% charge control

Stickybomb Launcher:
15% faster firing rate, +20% blast radius and +20% faster charge rate.

Chargin' Targe:
40% damage resistance, but 25% less primary ammo

Splendid Screen and Tide Turner:
15% damage resistance, just enough to survive one hit with 175 hp.

Regarding Shields, they don't block a hit anymore, instead they give you damage resistance. Although I am planning an alternative, more like a timer for them to recharge after blocking a hit.

Scotmann's Skullcutter:
40% extra damage, 10% slower movement speed, but only applies when active.

Claidheamh Mor:
2 seconds extra charge duration and -25% charge recharge rate, no health loss.

Persian Persuader:
8% extra momevent speed, 15 health on hit, +75% recharge rate, ammo becomes health, but 30% less damage.

Same, except 20% less damage.

Heavy class:

Brass Beast:
20% extra damage, gives rage upon damage (like in MvM), -50% movement speed when deployed and -20% spin-up time.

Things I still need to do with this weapon is reducing the amount of damage needed in order to have rage full.

Family Bussiness:
No primary ammo so you need to fat Scout.
30% increase in damage, 8 shells, 20% more accurate, 20% more bullets, 15 health on hit, but 40% less health from healers.

KGB/GRU/Bread Bite:
Remains the same as in any other VSH/FF2 server.
Although I want to give KGB something different.

Holiday Punch:
It's basically stock right now, there was a glitch where hale couldn't move when he was laughing.

Fists of Steel:
40% slower weapon switch speed, -50% damage received, 25% slower swing speed.
Only applies when the weapon is active.

Engineer class:

20% more push force and 25% extra sentry damage, but these attributes only apply when Wrangler is active.

Medic class:

Syringe Gun:
5% über on hit.

Crusader's Crossbow:
12% über on hit and 50% extra damage.

6% über on hit, 10% damage bonus, 50% less clip size (20 syringes) and no random crits.
PvP attributes still apply to this weapon.

2% über on hit, 20% faster reload speed, -10% damage done,  30% faster firing rate, -25% less clip size (30 syringes) and 20% less primary ammo.

25% faster übercharge rate, 25% faster weapon switch speed and +15% more overheal bonus.

+100% heal rate, +40% übercharge rate and 10% more overheal.
Über grants mega heal (Quick-fix über) and crits only.

Kritzkrieg is useless now, but I am planning on changing it in the near future.
All mediguns have the rubber attribute.

Sniper class:

Huntsman/Fortified Compound:
+50% extra damage and +80% primary ammo.

30% faster firing speed and 40% slower charge rate.
It needs to be used like an assualt rifle, I don't know  scratch

Darwin's Danger Shield:
25 extra health, 8% extra movement speed and 20% more primary ammo.

Same mechanic as Shields, 40% damage resistance, but 20% less primary ammo.

Cleaner's Carbine:
Same attributes as in PvP, but 30% more accurate and accuracy scales damage, (more consistent hits, more damage).

Spy class:

-50% damage done, 15 cloak on hit and 10% extra cloak duration.

Your Eternal Reward/ Wanga Prick:
No disguise, but silent decloak.

Conniver's Kunai:
-60 health instead of 65, so you can survuve one hit with the Dead Ringer.

So those are all the changes to the current weapons.
If you have suggestions, hit me up (or however you say that  scratch )
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PostSubject: Re: Weapon Changes   Fri May 08, 2015 8:54 pm


I don't see them...
What are the phlog stats? ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Weapon Changes   Fri May 08, 2015 8:58 pm

llamara wrote:

I don't see them...
What are the phlog stats? ^^

There are none, the damage reduction when mphhh is active was broken; so I removed it.
So I'm planning on doing something different with it.
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PostSubject: Re: Weapon Changes   Sat May 16, 2015 8:00 pm

Message of this "Some of these may not be working properly yet"
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PostSubject: Re: Weapon Changes   

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Weapon Changes
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