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 Monthly changes Nov-Dec 2015

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PostSubject: Monthly changes Nov-Dec 2015   Tue Dec 15, 2015 7:47 pm


Upgraded FF2 version from 1.10.3 beta to 1.10.8 to improve stuff and fix several crashes.
Weapon pick-ups has been disabled due to the boss could do that to.
Added improved default abilities to every bosses, Dynamic Defaults made by Sarysa.
Goombas now uses it's own killicon (Sandman taunt)



Added back shield break.


Fixed Invisibility Watch adding speed and not giving damage resistance.
Fixed Dead Ringer not feigning from any form of damage but instant dies instead.


Added new bosses:

Koishi Komeiji

Added back old bosses:

Sakuya Izayoi


Creeper has one of his songs replaced with a new one and added to Herobrine instead.
Demopan has his charging cost increased and cannot be used when below 10% rage.
Fluttershy's melee damage has been increased.
Fluttershy's bear has increased jump height, deals half melee damage when not healed and full damage when healed.
Jamesbond's grappling hook takes thrice much damage when held out due to there's no way to remove bleed damage or reduce it.
Princess Luna's second life has been removed.
Wario superjumps with "reload" key instead due to his right click shoots balls.


A revamped version from of Saxton Hale Sarysa is being added but needs to fix his abilities.
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Monthly changes Nov-Dec 2015
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